You are invited to invest in children. Change the future for children whose lives were derailed by a past they had no control over.

With you, we can make a life-changing difference for more children every year.

Imagine how many children your investment will help over the course of the careers of the social workers, teachers, doctors, clinicians, lawyers and policymakers we are able to support – keeping the best of the best in the workforce today, and ensuring the future workforce is fully prepared to make a life-saving difference for every trauma impacted child.

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Your investment in The Center for Advanced Practice at Adoption Rhode Island will lead to:

  • Long-term well-being, and the best life-long outcomes for children and families impacted by childhood trauma, including foster and adopted children and all vulnerable youth.
  • Dissemination of a wealth of existing and new research, practice models, knowledge, and resources through education, training, and digital access to strengthen practice, elevate the workforce, and inspire innovation.
  • Equipping all child-serving professions with training, knowledge, and tools to ensure that children and their families will thrive.
  • Creation of an incubator of new solutions to address tough challenges impacting the future of children.

To learn more about donating to The Center for Advanced Practice at Adoption Rhode Island contact:

Darlene Allen, CEO & Executive Director
Jennifer Foster, Director of Development